Sea monsters!!

Sea monsters are creatures that live in Pike's Lagoon. Pike and Frilligan are sea monsters.

Appearance Edit

Sea monsters are amphibious, come in a wide variety of colors, physical features, personalities and like to wear clothing that resembles a swimsuit.

Appetite Edit

Sea monsters are omnivores, which means they eat foods that are both plant and animal in origin.

Abilities Edit

Sea monsters have the ability to breathe on land, however, it only lasts for a few hours at a time.

List of sea monsters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Originally this species was called "Seachucks" which, as of January 2019[1], seems to be an abandoned concept.
  • Sammy mistakes Cecile and Sea Pumpkin to be "sea monsters" in "Pike Gets Pizza".

From Lenard's Twitter.

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