"I just bashed my head into it, that's the Cecile way!"
- Cecil

"Pike's Stone Sculpture" is the third episode of the first season of Pike's Lagoon. It is the third episode overall. It premiered on April 27, 2018.

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Pike attempts to make a stone sculpture of Limbo with the help of her not-so-helpful friend, Cecile the hammerhead shark.

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Pike is sculpting a stone figure of Limbo when Cecil comes by and asks Pike what she's doing with the rock.

Pike accidentally says she's making a "rob sculpture" and is interrupted by an off-screen director who informs her the line is actually "rock sculpture". Pike is embarrassed while Cecil laughs.

In the second take, Pike accidentally says "rap sculpture" instead of the actual line, and it seems Pike's VA realized her mistake as her real voice is heard saying "said rock".

In the third take, she says "rob sculpture" again, and says "rob??" to herself.

In the fourth take, she gets "rock" right but completely flubs "sculpture".

Finally, she says "stone sculpture" successfully and tells Cecil she's using a live model and points the camera. In the next shot, Limbo is posing on a chair and says "I'm a SEXY horseshoe crab..." in a suggestive tone.

Cecil is interested and wants to try making one herself. Pike offers her tools but Cecil doesn't understand why she would need them.

Cecil instead just takes a rock and bashes it with her head, creating a perfect replica of Limbo, which he is impressed by. Pike is shocked and doesn't think it's a good idea.

Limbo's tummy rumbles and he announces that he's a hungry horseshoe crab. Cecil tells Pike to hurry up because her "lobster" is getting hungry, which offends Limbo and he angrily corrects her that he is a Horseshoe CRAB, but Cecil doesn't care.

Pike attempts to bash her head into the rock like Cecil, but instead of a perfect sculpture, she gets a great "self-portrait" along with a black eye and chipped tooth.

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Pike's Stone Sculpture

Pike's Stone Sculpture

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  • This is the first episode where Sea Pumpkin is absent, although he is seen silenty wandering around in the background.
  • This is the first episode where Kate Jorgensen is credited as "Kate V. Jorgensen".
  • It is likely Pike messing up the "rock sculpture" line was a real mistake by her VA but kept in the episode as a joke.

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