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Pike's Lagoon is an animated web series created by Jacob Lenard and Kate Jorgenson. It premiered on YouTube on February 15, 2018 with "Pike and the Sea Pumpkin Problem". On September 23, 2018, the series began airing on Newgrounds.

On November 19, 2019, Jacob Lenard announced on Twitter that the series may as well be over, as he doesn't have plans to bring it back anytime soon.[1]

Synopsis Edit

The antics of Pike, a friendly teenage sea monster and her other eccentric, aquatic acquaintances.

Characters Edit

Main cast Edit

  • Pike (Kate Jorgenson) a shy, friendly and somewhat dopey "seachuck" who lives in a lagoon that coincidentally shares her name. She enjoys gardening, art, playing with her friends and watching fish. While normally harmless, if one does something she does not appreciate (such as invading her prized seaweed garden, stealing her yellow beanie or disobeying signs), she goes on a destructive furious rampage.
  • Sea Pumpkin (Jacob Lenard) An annoying pumpkin who wants to eat Pike's garden.
  • Frilligan (Dylan Carbonell in 2018, Dominic Civito from 2018 onwards)

Development Edit

Early pike character designs

Early on in the development of Pike's Lagoon, the series was originally meant to be about Frilligan. In Pike's place was Pementa, a character from Lenard's previous series, "Mugman". Lenard decided Pementa was a "lame" character, turned her into a fish and Pike was born.[2]

Mugfish 2

Even earlier drawings reveal that Frilligan was also just Mugman turned into a fish, as he originally had Mugman's color scheme.[3]

The character of Sea Pumpkin was originally a purple urchin, but this design was quickly scrapped because Lenard thought it looked awful.[4] He would then evolve into a species of sea pumpkins and then later just one Sea Pumpkin.[5] Early development depicts sea pumpkins as a collective hivemind of creatures, but later depictions just portray Sea Pumpkin alone[6]. In January 2019, an official model sheet for Sea Pumpkin reveals that "Sea Pumpkin" is his real name and that his species is Frogfish.[7]

In July 2018, an official character bible was created.[8] It contains the updated character designs and personalities.

Production Edit

Stock 1

Stock character model parts.

Pike's Lagoon is currently animated in Adobe Flash, with many character animations, backgrounds and props being reusable symbols, making each cartoon very easy to make in a short period of time.[9] So far, the shortest amount of time a Pike's Lagoon episode was produced in was "Sea Pumpkin's Salad Search" which was both written and animated in the span of five days.[10]


Various backgrounds used in Pike's Lagoon.

Lenard's other secret to producing episodes in as little time as possible is having a general disregard to how tight or clean an episode looks.[11]

Stock 3
Stock 2

Various props/models in the two above images.

Episodes Edit

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The first season premiered on February 15, 2018 and ended on July 22, 2019.'

The second season premiered on September 24, 2019.

Comics Edit

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On June 27, 2018, Jacob Lenard began a comic series based on Pike's Lagoon, which he uploaded to his Twitter account.

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  1. "Pike’s Lagoon may as well be over. Not much about it was working for me and it was more stressful than fun producing it. I’m certainly not done with the characters as they were easily my favorite part, but as a series, I don’t see myself picking it back up anytime soon."
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