"Hey, excuse me, um... please don't do that"
– character bible.

Pike is the main character of Pike's Lagoon. She is voiced by Kate Jorgenson.

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Beta Pike Edit

Beta pike

From "Pike and the Sea Pumpkin Problem" to "Pike's Stone Sculpture", Pike's hair spikes were a much lighter shade of blue and appeared more detached. The fluff of hair on top of her head was much smaller. She also had small blue fins on her legs. She had the same green swim-suit and yellow beanie that she still has now.

Current Pike Edit

In the current design of Pike, introduced in "Pike and the Singin' Salmon", Her hair spikes are a much darker shade of blue and appear to be more fluffy. Her tooth has also appeared to have shrunk. She still maintains the yellow beanie and green swim-suit in her previous design. Her butt is also very big.

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Pike is a shy, friendly and somewhat naive sea monster who lives in a lagoon that coincidentally shares her name. She enjoys gardening, art, playing with her friends and watching fish. She is also a vegetarian.

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Limbo Edit

Limbo is Pike's pet horseshoe crab and guardian of her beloved garden.

Sea Pumpkin Edit

Sea Pumpkin is an annoying Frogfish who is constantly trying to eat Pike's garden.

Cecile Edit

Cecile is Pike's friend.

Frilligan Edit

Frilligan is Pike's other friend.

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Beauty and the Buzz-Kill Edit

In Lenard's other series, Loose Ends, the episode "Beauty and the Buzz-Kill" features Pike on the 131st annual Lady Universe pageant. Rather than her traditional swim-suit, she wears a green dress. In her appearance she struggles to answer what world peace is.

Trivia Edit

  • Her voice actress is also the co-creator of Pike's Lagoon.
  • She is part of the sea monster species.[1]
  • Pike has had a main role in every episode except "Sea Pumpkin's Salad Search".
  • As seen in "Pike and the Seasquatch", she is a huge fan of Bigfoot. She also digs the retro style of his cave.
  • Influences for Pike's personality and design include Double D from Ed, Edd n Eddy, Tweety from Looney Tunes, Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory and Katy from PaRappa the Rapper.[2]

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"Looks like I need to refill this can. If only it wasn't so dry down here..."
- she says while tending to her underwater garden in "Pike and the Sea Pumpkin Problem".

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