Frilligan is a main character on Pike's Lagoon. He is one of Pike's best friends. His first appearance was in "Pike and the Sea Pumpkin Problem", however, he did not become a more prominent character until "Pike Gets Pizza".

He is voiced by Dominic Civito.

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In Frilligan's original design, he was much shorter, did not wear a hat, had no tail and wore white swim trunks with a green zig-zag on them.

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In Frilligan's design introduced in "Pike Gets Pizza", he is an orange sea monster with red and white swimming trunks, a tail and a dark red beanie. He also appears to be taller but is slightly shorter than Pike.

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In his first appearance, he was shown to be more supportive and tried to be helpful to Pike.

In later appearances, he is a lazy, sleazy slacker who often puts in the bare minimum of effort into things. He also shown to be a jokester and a ladies man.

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  • Influences for Frilligan's design and personality include Parappa Rappa from PaRappa the Rapper, Meowth from Pokémon, Dale Gribble from King of the Hill and a Koopa character from Super Mario.[1]
  • His original voice was Dylan Carbonell in "Pike and the Sea Pumpkin Problem".
  • Dylan Carbonell and Dominic Civito, Frilligan's actors, both have the "DC" initial.
  • The unfinished episode, "Frilligan Gets Leeched", would've somewhat explored Frilligan's romantic feelings towards Brooke the Mermaid.
  • In the comics, part of his personality was a "ladies man", and he'd often be shown trying to flirt with Pike.
  • His design has the most changes compared to Pike and Sea Pumpkin.

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